by Heather the Hag

A hag stone? Seriously? Absolutely.

I find the concept of the hag incredible. A strong manifestion of the female spirit. While some things I've read (but certainly not all) portray the hag as an 'evil/scary/ugly' entity, I can only think of her as the wise and wonderful crone. The aged one with so much knowledge, an I-don't-give-a-rat's-ass attitude, and oh oh oh ... so powerful! And the concept of 'hag' as unbecoming in beauty because of her age ... because it is perceived that her time of youth, thus value, has passed ... that crackling sound is my bones as I cringe. In my mind (in my spirit) the hag is truly awsome. Enviable in the things she's learned in this life. No way is she passive. And she's just amazingly wise. Beautiful, in the truest sense, indeed.

Though different myths and superstitions can be found concerning the hag stone, and different powers are attributed to it, physically, it is a stone with a naturally-made hole through it. Recently on a trip to Nova Scotia, I hit the shore of the Bay of Fundy at low tide, searching for such a stone. I didn't find one there. But later in the day I found a great little gift shop in Blomidon, and bought this:

Hag Stone

The stone is agate (oh don't shoot me if I'm wrong [but write and correct me, dear reader; I'd appreciate it] for I often second guess myself when identifying crystals.).  You can see of course the hole in the center. Is the hole naturally-made? I think so. Looks like it has to be. But not a traditional hag stone, perhaps, this shiny slice of agate? Close enough? I wondered then. And now I wonder even more....

Because tonight I emailed Norah a blurb I found online regarding searching for a hag stone, and she posed a question back to me: “Would you have to find it yourself?”  My initial reaction was to write back, “Yes, I think you would.”

But then, again ... why? Her question really got me thinking.

I mean, what if someone gave me a hag stone? (Or any special crystal from my wish list ... hint to Norah: Christmas is coming.) That is, does it matter if this or any crystal/stone comes to me indirectly? What if I am the rightful holder, yet it necessarily passed via another on its way to me? Why would that negate what I feel from it? What I get from it? Would the stone be less valid? Less 'spiritual'? Less wonderful or strong? (Yikes, that I can't imagine!) And would it be less symbolic to me? Or what if I give a crystal/stone gift? Is it less coming from my hand? I don't think so. More importantly, I don't feel so.

So, what if this wonderful slice of agate with this hole in the middle, is meant to be mine?

You know ... that hits me just right.  My hag stone, indeed.  I'm good with that.

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