by Heather the Jane.

I love dreaming. Yep, no further explanation necessary. I go to bed with a smile on my face at nights because I just love dreams and can't wait for the show to begin.

I'm one of the lucky people who most often remembers dreams quite vividly. And the dreams I grasp back to just upon waking are, quite often, absolutely full of meaning for me. Every night I set a pad of paper and pen next to my bed. When I wake up in those wee hours, I write down what I've been dreaming. There is little more thrilling than to read over those notes in the morning and come across something that nudges me into remembering a dream I may have otherwise forgotten. (Oh, and little is more frustrating than when those three am scribbles are hard to make out ... especially when they deal with a story we're working on! ... read on ... I have a solution!)

Recently, Kelliena was kind enough to go an interview with Norah and me. This was following a reading I had with her in Sackville, Nova Scotia. During the reading she quite rightly told me that I have prophetic dreams. No, I've not picked the winning lotto numbers, nor seen a single disaster before it happened, but some things in my personal life, I have dreamed about before they happened. Maybe not in a perfect mirroring vision (though at least twice I've dreamed the physical appearance of someone whom I'd yet to meet), but an unmistakable vision nevertheless. Most definitely and undeniably, I have gotten insight in dreams. Sometimes when I needed it most. Hey ... I'll take it!

So to aid me in my quest to better understand and grasp my wonderful dreams, I emailed Little Mysteries in Halifax, looking for three stones. (Little Mysteries is the most amazing store; you can find a link to their website on the right-hand side here, under my favorites.) They couldn't have been more helpful,

Curious as to what stones are tucked into the corner of my pillowcase?

Amethyst and iolite (great for intuitive work), kyanite (associated with lucid dreaming).

So are these helping my dreams quests? Short answer: Absolutely. That's it. No ifs, ands, buts or hesitant 'well maybe'. Yes, the stones are working. I am definitely dreaming more vividly. And too as I settle down to sleep, it feels like I'm going into something telling as I move through that wonderful twilight stage into deeper levels of sleep.

And to further aid me in my dream quests, I've invested in (Happy Birthday to me! ... months early) a voice-activated, digital voice recorder so I don't have to scribble my notes, but can mumble away as I half wake from my dreams in the night. I do not want to miss a thing!

Stay tuned! Hopefully in the near future I'll have some dreams coming true!

Again, a big SHOUT OUT and THANKS to Little Mysteries on Barrington Street, in Halifax (who also so helpfully recommended this dream pillow to me ... it smells wonderful, and feels cozy tucked also into my pillowcase.) And yet another enhancing helper along my path of dream exploration. Another sense brought into play, as I follow where this may lead.

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