I (Heather) came across Kelliena at a Psychic & Holistic Health Fair I attended with my wonderful sister in law (shout out to Shelley!) last spring in Sackville, Nova Scotia. The fair was a blast! I bought some stones from the Little Mysteries booth, had a deeply warm and relaxing Reiki session, saw some really cool items and got some new ideas, and was fortunate enough to choose Kelliena to do a reading for me.

It was amazing! I walked into the reading area, sat down and said, “Hi, I'm Heather. What do you need from me?” I've never done that before. Really! Have never been that up front in asking a psychic what it was they needed to know before they could tell me what I needed to know.

Kelliena's answer: “Nothing.” And then (okay, getting chills again just thinking about it) she started telling me what was going on in my life. And what was going to come to pass.

It was so freaky! Because everything I'd discussed with Shelley over the weekend about what I was feeling in my life currently and transitionally, Keilliena reiterated. I'm talking almost word for word here. She didn't vaguely affirm what I was feeling – she articulated it precisely! That reading felt like a gift.

I was so impressed with Kelliena, I invited her to do an interview with Norah and me for this blog. She kindly agreed. Here is the result:

 Keillena's Photo

When did you first realize that you were different from others (i.e., that you had this ability)?

It was in Grade 7. I went to a sock hop and when I was standing against the wall, I looked to the left and saw two angels pulling energy out of the room. I asked my friend what they were doing, but she didn’t see them, so I pointed to them. Unfortunately, a group of bullies (6 or 7 girls) was standing behind them, and they thought I was pointing at them. Predictably, they came over to find out what my problem was. I looked at the angels and they seemed to be telling me not to tell everyone what I was seeing, so I stuttered some other answer. That’s when I knew I was different.

Did you make a conscious choice to start honing that ability? When and why?

I made the choice to start honoring my gift that very night. It clarified things for me. I’d always seen sparkles of energy and love, but did not understand why others didn’t see it. That was the moment – when I saw the angels – when I realized I could help people with my gift. I felt I had a responsibility to help or remind others how loved they are.

Do you think you could have ‘lost’ that ability, if you’d chosen to? 

I am not sure how to answer that question. This is part of who I am, if I chose to ‘lose’ it I would lose a part of who I am.

Do you think everyone has psychic ability, or the capacity to develop it? 

Yes, everyone has it. When I am doing a reading, they are listening to it, but I don’t think they realize they are.

What do you mean, “listening to it”? 

They are hearing their angels. When I’m asking the angel – the guardian – what I need to know to help the seeker (the person who asked for the reading), the seeker is hearing the answers on some level.

That’s fascinating! Do you see these angels?

Yes. But sometimes it might be a faerie instead of an angel. Or even a mermaid. If someone is uncomfortable with the idea of angels, the guardian can appears in a different form. And I see what I would call an energy cord around them. Sometimes I see a fire cord. Their angel is putting it there because they need more energy.

Has there ever been a point when it felt more like a burden than a gift? 

Never. The angels don’t say things for the sake of saying them. They communicate for a reason.

How do your impressions come to you when you’re doing a reading? What is that experience like for you?

I prepare for each reading. I want every reading to be for the highest good. I visualize a white or a golden light. When the person seeking the reading comes to join me and they physically come into that light, it’s like their energy becomes like a lighted spider web. When I see how the energy is coming off the seeker, I can see how the energy is being presented.

Have you ever encountered a person who was impossible to ‘read’? Does it make a lick of difference whether they believe or not?

Absolutely. And when that happens, I just give them back their money. That happens when they block me, consciously or unconsciously. It’s all about free will. If they chose not to allow me to read them, that’s it.

As for whether it makes a difference if they believe or not, my answer would be, “It depends.” If the seeker doesn’t block me, the angels will say what the seeker needs to hear, whether they believe it or not.

Do you prefer phone readings or in-person readings? Why?

I love them both! The only difference is I can’t do hand reading over the phone. And with the phone, I have to focus on my third eye. A nice way to do the phone reading, actually, is with Skype.

Do you use any special tools?

I use meditation. I also burn incense. And if my energy is too heavy, I burn a candle.

Does burning a candle help draw the fire energy in?

It depends on the seeker. In your case, for instance, where you have some dreams that are premonitions, it might work better with water.

What do you do to prepare for a reading?

I prepare with meditation. I dedicate the reading to the seeker and to the universe.

What should the client do, if anything, to prepare for a reading?

They don’t necessarily need to do anything. Sometimes they feel they need to meditate too, in which case I encourage them to do it. But often the seeker is ready and they just want to plunge right in.

What do you do in the case of bad news?

I try to avoid doing that. If I introduce a bad feeling in the reading, the seeker often loses what the angels are trying to tell them. So when I learn about something like that, I focus on the angels and ask, “Why?” Usually there is a reason. Usually the angels are trying to get the person to another spot. Thus, for instance, if I learn that the seeker is going to lose their job, rather than saying that, I’ll tell them that their angels may be trying to get them somewhere else.

The Readings are intended to empower the Seeker and remind them of their gifts.

 One final, random, completely unrelated question: What you think about dowsing?

(Laughs) I like it! I am better with rods than a pendulum. I tend to use a pendulum more for clearing energy than working with it.

Okay, that’s it! Thank you Kelliena, for being our guest and for speaking so frankly and matter-of-factly about something most of us find terribly mysterious!

 You’re welcome. It was my pleasure.

A last point – if any of our readers want to contact you, where can they reach you?

I would invite readers to visit me at my website. More detailed contact information can be found there.


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Comment from: Jasmin [Visitor] · http://www.sogo.ca
It made me very happy to read this bit on Kelliena. She is a very gifted, genuine, love-filled healer. I've had the blessing to receive (very accurate) readings from her, eventually I networked with her in her Psychic and Holistic Health Fair, and over the past few years I've come to know her on a more personal level. She is the real deal and she does work with the seekers highest good in mind.
All I can say is she rocks!
06/15/10 @ 05:17
Comment from: Sue MacPhee [Visitor]
Thank you Kelliena for Guiding me on my path and for using this Gift to help people in fullfilling their Divine Life Purpose with Love.

Love and Gratitude and Blessings to you,

06/15/10 @ 07:43
Comment from: Shelley [Visitor]
Thank you Kelliena, it was the best reading I ever had! So insightful and motivating, it left me wanting more1
06/15/10 @ 08:25
Comment from: jaybee [Visitor]
One day, I will visit you for a reading. I am and have always been a believer of psychic readings as I have experienced being read since I was 20. I only had 1 reader though...and I kept going back to him. His readings were 99 to 100% accurate even before I open my mouth to say anything. My reader though is too far in the Philippines. I tried to have a reading with him just a few weeks ago....and he is still accurate even on the telephone (distant forecasting). His name is RENE MARIANO. I am not sure if you have heard of him. He is doing readings for over 30 years now. He uses also a crystal ball. Do you use one too?
09/14/10 @ 10:40
Comment from: Karen DeVouge [Visitor] Email · http://thehealingplacethatcares.webs.com
I met Kelliena at the Hair Salon I work at in Sackville. What a loving person, and so friendly. I have just moved to Nova Scotia from Alberta and she gave me so much information on where to get my name out and about. I will be attending her psychic fair in May 2010 and hope to see some new people looking for answers.
Everything you told me Kelliena I take to heart, thank you so much for such a great welcome!
10/23/10 @ 07:54
Comment from: Dadin-Alli Clara F [Visitor] Email
I just can't wait to meet with her.
01/31/11 @ 18:54

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