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Available at Smashwords, ISBN 978-0-986-70550-2 and Amazon.com, (ASIN: B003Y5HD9Y)

There was going to be a murder, and the eyes of Lauren Townsend had foreseen it. But the authorities refused to take her seriously, and her family refused to listen. Working alone, Lauren followed the clues - to an almost bankrupt dude ranch near Calgary and its desperate owner, Cal Taggart. The man's kisses promised paradise, yet his ex-wife was the one Lauren had seen strangled. Was Cal capable of murder? Lauren longed to speak, to tell what she knew. But if she confided in Cal, would she lose him forever? She would risk everything - her happiness, her future, her very life - to save the man she loved. But the outcome was one thing she couldn't see.


Praise for LAUREN'S EYES

  • Winner, Romantic Times/Dorchester Publishing New Voice in Romance contest, 2004
  • Finalist - Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest
  • 4 STARS  "An exciting and thrilling debut with an inspired paranormal twist."  (Romantic Times BOOKClub)
  • "Ms. Wilson demonstrates her skill for telling a good story, with plenty of suspense and scorching romance. This reviewer is a fan and will be eagerly awaiting more books by this rising star."    (Loves Romances)



GUARDING SUZANNAH, Book 1 in the Serve & Protect Series

Available at Smashwords, ISBN 978-0-986-70550-2 and Amazon.com, (ASIN: B003ZK5KS4)

There's no love lost between criminal defense lawyer Suzannah Phelps and the Fredericton City Police Department. Now she's being stalked, but she won’t turn to the police, fearing a) they’re behind it; or b) that she’ll lose face and it’ll cost her in court. But when Det. John Quigley learns of it, he's determined to protect her no matter who is harassing her, and despite the flak he takes from colleagues. They've struck sparks off each other in the courtroom, and now he's burning to see if they’ll do the same in the bedroom.




SAVING GRACE, Book 2 in the Serve & Protect Series

Available at Smashwords, ISBN 978-0-986-70551-9 and Amazon.com, (ASIN: B003ZYEXGA)

After wrecking her car and waking with amnesia, fledgling reporter Grace Morgan is shocked to learn that she'd been in the process of leaving the husband she loves (Fredericton City Police Detective Ray Morgan) for another man. It can't be true! Can it? She’s determined to remember, even if it kills her. And it just might. Ray gets jammed up with IAD from the wads of mystery cash in Grace’s wrecked car. When bullets start to fly, he is forced to take the wife he thinks faithless on the lam while he figures out where the money came from and who wants them dead.

Cover - Saving Grace




PROTECTING PAIGE, Book 3 in the Serve & Protect Series

 Available at SmashwordsISBN 978-0-9867055-3-3 and Amazon.com, (ASIN: B004089G1M)

Single mom Paige Harmer is at her wits end about her son Dillon, who’s been running with a bad crowd. She turns to next-door neighbor Cst. Tommy Godsoe. Sidelined by a gunshot injury, he can no longer do the field work he loved (K9 handler) and refuses to be a desk jockey. He just wants to be left alone to lick his wounds, but Paige is unstoppable. Before long, he’s drawn into their lives. Paige is going to need a cop in her corner, and Tommy needs Paige to bring him back to life.

Cover - Protecting Paige




Hard Shell Word Factory, September 2002, ISBN-13: 978-0759904309

John Deadmarsh had loved Cassandra Ashe once, a long time ago. As a student in Toronto, he'd wooed the mysterious Maliseet beauty to his bed, only to have her steal away while he slept, taking his heart with her. When he runs into her seventeen years later in sleepy Fredericton, New Brunswick, the betrayal stings like it was just yesterday. Cass would like nothing better than to steer a wide berth around this tall, dark and dangerous reminder of her youthful mistake. But John, now a psychologist, is treating Cass's young friend Nikki. Their mutual concern for Nikki puts them in frequent conflict. From the first encounter, it's obvious the attraction is still there. To Cass's dismay, so is all that loaded emotion from that long-ago summer. Even more disturbing, she sees that John is just as haunted by the events of that summer as she is. How can she continue to deny him the truth about why she left him? But if she tells him the truth, what will it mean for the fragile new bond that's growing between them?

HBD Book Cover


  • 5 Roses  -  Haunted By Dreams is a deeply-emotional love story penned with wonderful talent by Ms. Wilson, who brings to life characters that are so real -- and the kind that readers can easily identify with. Kudos to Ms. Wilson's first book, and for the wonderful love story filled with passion, emotions, and memorable characters! A definite recommend to others! --  Kari, A Romance Review




Heather's Literary Books


Goody Bledsoe is the story of a young girl who is sent as an orphan to live with her aunt and uncle on a farm in rural New Brunswick.

Heather Doherty says of it: “This is a story of survival, of choosing to survive in spite of the darkness, in order to find the light that lies beyond.” In another mood she says: “Goody Bledsoe is a novel of daring, daring to see what lies within, even when that knowledge hurts like hell.”

This is what David Adams Richards has to say about the book: “Heather Doherty has written an exceptionally moving and brilliant first novel, a startlingly permanent novel that must be read.”


Goody Bledsoe Cover


  • “Doherty’s settings are impeccable. And of course, god is in the details; details make the fiction ring true. She is compelling even when she writes about the weather”—The Fiddlehead.
  • “Orphans’ tales have a special knack for breaching the defences of the heart. Heather Doherty’s story of a young girl torn from her dying mother begins with a smug and grasping aunt—a woman it’s instantly a pleasure to dislike—and a trio of affectionate and very dirty pigs. The characters grow in complexity. Each wound or (rare) joy of the heart increases the fascination. Sadness brims, but is held in check by Doherty’s ironies. I was hooked”—Globe & Mail.

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